Re:Diferencias entre la versión v y g de la 8700


Yo he encontrado esto en, algo es:

The highest SAR value for each device model when tested for use at the ear is outlined below:

Device 1 g / 10 g SAR (W/kg)

BlackBerry® 8700g smartphone 1.46/1.04

BlackBerry® 8700v smartphone 1.46/1.04

The highest reported SAR value for this BlackBerry device when clipped on a belt, in a Research

In Motion (RIM) approved holster equipped with an integrated belt clip, is outlined below.

Carrying solutions, including RIM approved carrying solutions and carrying solutions notapproved by RIM, that do not come equipped with an integrated belt clip SHOULD NOT be worn

or carried on the body. For more information regarding the wearing or carrying of this BlackBerry

device without using a RIM approved carrying solution equipped with an integrated belt clip,

see the Holster information in the "Additional safety guidelines" section of this document.

Device 1 g / 10 g SAR (W/kg)

BlackBerry 8700g smartphone 0.31/0.24

BlackBerry 8700v smartphone 1.19/1.03

Body-worn measurements differ among wireless device and phone models, depending upon

available accessories and FCC, IC, and The Council of the European Union requirements.